Altimeter is an easy to use altitude measuring device for Webos (Palm Pre, Pixi) inspired by the analog altimeter from a Cessna aircraft. Upon launching Altimeter and waiting a few seconds, your current altitude will be displayed on both the dial and below it in plain text. In addition, the accuracy of the reading is displayed at the bottom of the screen for your reference.
Altimeter is a companion gauge to Attitude.

How does it work?
The altimeter uses the GPS built into the Palm Pre to get a reasonably accurate reading of your altitude. The global positioning system allows for triangulation of both your position on the surface of the earth as well as your altitude.

How accurate is it?
It varies. The GPS device inside the Pre and Pixi is fairly good and it also reports it’s estimated accuracy which the Altimeter shows you below the current value. It’s not perfect in every situation. If you’re someone who needs an altimeter to be absolutely accurate, a GPS-based solution is not for you. If you’re interested in your alititude within about 50 or 100 feet, you’re in luck.

Does it use a lot of batteries?
While running, the GPS is polled regularly so it does use your batteries over time. By hitting the center button and minimizing the Altimeter, it pauses the GPS readings and preserves battery life.

I prefer meters
In the preference menu you’ll find a setting just for you.

I’m getting an altitude of Zero or “waiting for signal”
Check out our troubleshooting page that walks you through 4 steps that will hopefully solve your problem. If that doesn’t work, email us using the contact form on that page and we’ll get it fixed.

I’m a pilot, can I use this for flying?
No. I can tell you’re not a real pilot since a real pilot would already know that’s not a good idea. See the above question for one very good reason you should never use this program for mission-critical applications. Another good reason is that the FAA doesn’t allow cell phones to be turned on in airplanes during flight.

Wow, this is awesome, where can I download it?
Available in the official Palm App Catalog now. Only 99¢.

I have a question that’s not answered on this list.
Hopefully your question is answered on our troubleshooting page. If not, please contact us for support.