Attitude is an attitude indicator, or artificial horizon gauge for your Palm Pre or Palm Pixi. It uses the accelerometer built into your device to measure your pitch and roll and it reports it back to you on both an analog and digital display. Inspired by real-life airplane gauges, Attitude is a companion gauge to Altimeter.

How does it work?

The attitude indicator uses the accelerometer built into the Palm Pre and Pixi to get a reasonably accurate reading of your Pitch and Roll.

How accurate is it?

Pretty accurate. The hardware seems to work pretty well within about a degree and is most accurate when your device is in the upright position. It’s not perfect in every situation because the device is measuring acceleration instead of using a gyroscope like a real attitude indicator would.

I’m a pilot, can I use this for flying?

No. I can tell you’re not a real pilot since a real pilot would already know that’s not a good idea. This software and hardware is not FAA certified.

Wow, this is awesome, where can I download it?

Available now in the official Palm app catalog for only 99¢.

Can I contact you for more help?

Sure. Use the form below to contact us if you have any questions at all.