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Available for iPhone with beautiful Retina graphics and even your iPad with one purchase.

Kaboom's Paratrooper - Kaboom Apps


Parachute your troopers to safety with Paratrooper. Lean your device from side to side to adjust your troopers fall, but it’s not quite as easy as it sounds to get a perfect 100 point landing. There are plenty of obstacles and challenges to play through on all 50 levels. Track your personal best scores and compete against your friends with the online global high score system.

“Paratrooper combines a simple, cartoony, yet unique visual style with intuitively simple gameplay.”
— James D

How to Play

Paratrooper is easy to learn, and requires some practice to master the higher levels.


To drop a paratrooper, click on the plane.


The trooper will jump out of the plane and begin to fall. On lower levels, his chute will deploy automatically. Beginning at the 5th level (named Ripcord) you’ll need to click again on the Paratrooper to pull the ripcord and deploy the chute.


Once the trooper is safely falling through the air, you can guide his descent
by leaning your device from left to right. This adjusts gravity for all the
troopers together and is a great technique for guiding your troopers onto the
“X” for a perfect landing.


The more troopers you land near the “X”, the more points you will score. Additionally, you can receive bonus points for landing troops near the same time and for picking up power pellets on higher levels. You loose points for loosing troopers.

How to Win

You win each level either by safely landing enough troops or by earning enough points to pass the round. High scores can be submitted to the Global High Score server to compete against your friends.


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Where can I buy it?

Paratrooper is available in Apple’s App Store for only $1.99

Do you have any other awesome apps?

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